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A Worthy Presentation

A Worthy Presentation - Mike Pippins

I received a call from my local truck association manager last morning. After inquiring of health, he told me to come by early today to the dock, as there was some type of presentation on truck restraint systems. As conveyed, I reached the dock in the morning at the given time and found plenty of other truck owners there too. A local company had sent their employee for the purpose of presentation.

Although I went there as formality and never really had any interest in these kinds of marketing campaigns, but this one was different. Their guy started to tell us about the benefits one can gain by installing this system in his truck. He explained each and every single tool of truck restraint system and he also tried to demonstrate the working of each tool right there at his presentation.

Although there were many other parts of the presentation that were equally good, but I really liked the part and was convinced to install it in my truck was the demonstration of truck lock. The marketing guy told us that the truck lock improves the safety and security of truck during the operations of loading and unloading with a 32,000 pounds restraining force. I was amazed to hear that much amount of force. 

He also informed us about the barrier mounted sensor that provides communication with the operator when the rear impact guard is engaged. The barrier that is loaded with spring, automatically adjusts to different truck heights and maintains its contact positively during loading and unloading operations.

The employee who was presenting and demonstrating also showed us how the low profile barrier at only 9 inch height can raise up to 30 inch for the purpose of restraining all types of trucks. Also, in a stored position, the barrier is stored clear of all the incoming trucks while it also protects the parts from bad weather and wreckage etc.

That presentation really made a strong impact on me, and right after he ended the presentation I approached him and asked for his number. I told him that I am interested in buying these tools so that my truck can also have a good and effective truck restraint system. The guy was very professional and he has given me time for tomorrow to bring my truck to his workshop for installation of these parts. I am really looking forward to it.


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