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Wake up, people!

Wake up, people! - Mike Pippins

Since everything is going digital, from a thermometer to a weighing machine, I was not surprised to see a new metal cnc cutting machine in our office. We are transiting into a digital dimension, which is great. It means the human kind is finally evolving. If only we could focus on the gadgets that have positive outcome for the humanity! If we could only use technology to help our peers and not as weapons of destruction. 

I don’t read the newspapers or watch TV. More than a decade ago I came to the conclusion that the TV was feeding us useless, inaccurate information, therefore I stopped watching it. Once in a blue moon I go online and have a look at the headlines. I always get cold chills on my back when I read them because there is so much negativity in them. Killing, bombing, stabbing, war waging in I don’t know what country, etc. 

We have become so immune to the suffering of our brothers and sisters. How is that possible that we don’t care when they starve from hunger, or get kicked out of their houses, trying to save their lives? How can one simply watch the news as entertainment and not be disturbed by the outrageous stories that make the news? How come a child covered in blood and dust from a blast that levelled down his entire neighbourhood is not making us act against the injustice he has been a victim of? 

I am so annoyed to hear everyone saying that they care about what happens here or there, without actually meaning it. I can not understand what do they pretend they do when they don’t. Is it because they just wish to look good of others? Why bother? What is there to gain from doing that? 

Sometimes I think that most of the Northern Americans have no clue about what’s going on behind the scene. Most of the population is kept entertained with the TV and other dumb things on the social media, while the real things pass unnoticed, behind close doors. You never hear people around you talking about the detrimental effects of X or Y, you don’t hear them chatting about the bills and new legislation passed within the past months. All they care about is why the president, his spouse or a celebrity is saying. 

I just feeling like shouting to all of them: “Waaaaake up, people! Get off your knees and open your eyes!”


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I am a university student and, no big surprise, I love the internet. I take great pleasure in covering a wide range of subjects that I like to give a personal touch to. They say I am stubborn, motivated and talkative: so I’ve got everything it takes to be a good blogger and a good member of the Twitter community. So come read me, I don’t get out much!