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The ticket

The ticket - Mike Pippins

This morning I finally got my car back. The past week when my car was at the garage for repairs, I felt as if I had lost my legs. It made me realize how much I rely on my car. I could have had a rental one from the insurance company, but I refused, I thought I would manage without it. I did not know it would be such a hassle. Anyway, it’s done. I am glad to have my Lancelot back.

If you are wondering why I call my car Lancelot, is because it is a Mitsubishi Lancer which never let me down. The reason I had it in the garage this time, was the fact that an idiot driver, hit me from the back. I used to say that Chinese people were the worse drivers. That was until I got hit by a Sri Lankan woman. I wondered how she got her driver’s licence. That woman is a hazard on the road.

On my way to the office, I stopped at Auvent Bellon. Whenever I need to buy an awning montreal that’s the place I go. I parked the car in front of their shop on Hochelaga Street and headed inside. I don’t think I spent more than ten minutes inside the shop looking at different types of awnings. I knew what I wanted and I had a fixed budget.

When I came out and I was about to get back into the car, my phone rang. I answered right away thinking it might be someone from the office. While I was on the phone, I entered the car and started the engine. With one hand I was holding the phone at my ear, while I was looking for the seatbelt with the other.

Two seconds before I fastened my seatbelt, I placed the phone on my shoulder. My left hand was on the seat belt, and my right hand was on the clutch. In that very second, someone knocked on my window. I turned and saw it was a police officer.

From where he appeared all of the sudden, I had no clue. He made a sign with his hand, asking me to open my window, which I did. He asked for my papers and went two cars back, where his vehicle was parked. I waited in the car for a few minutes. Then he returned with a ticket for me. According to him I was driving and talking on the phone. I tried to reason with him but he was determined to give me the ticket. I am going to contest it, since I was not even out of the parking spot!


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