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Some things never change

Some things never change - Mike Pippins

For the past ten years I did not have much of relationship with my dad. Mainly because of his strange behaviour and unjustified hatred towards immigrants. His entire life he has never refrained himself from calling them “leeches”. He never cared about human rights or anything like that. In his delusional world, any immigrant deserved his faith. 

The fact that I married a woman who wasn't born on Canadian or North American soil was too much for him.  It was an unexpected blow. The day he met my fiancée, he called me a traitor and refused to give us his blessings.  Needless to add that he tried to break us up on countless occasions.

Luckily for me, my wife did not give a damn about what he had to say. She was mature enough to understand that he was a crazy old man and that I was the opposite of him on any level. She knew that I did not share his opinions and I would never dare to say anything like that to anyone.

When we got married, my dad refused to attend our wedding. It hurt a bit that my own flesh and blood considered I was not worthy enough of his presence. Well, his loss. Actually, it was a blessing that he did not show up. We had fewer things to worry about. Less awkward conversations or situations that we might have had to face because of him.

Before getting married, I used to hang out with him once a month. Obviously, that habit changed. Although I tried seeing him and taking him out, he always refused. He acted as if we were fighting a war and I had betrayed him. After a few more failed attempts of having a polite conversation, I decided to reduce the frequency of my visits. Thus,  I saw him only once per year, on his birthday.

Throughout the year, I called him and talked to him for a few minutes on the phone, each second week. It seemed that this approach worked better than actually meeting him. I got to know his updates and keep it short. During the phone conversation was easier to change the topic, whenever he was making an inappropriate comment regarding my wife.

Today it was his birthday and I went to pay my annual visit. When I got there, I was surprised to see that he was all dressed and ready to go. He had a dental appointment and he was late. He had to go try a Dental prosthesis Boisbriand and needed me to give him a ride. While I was driving he revealed that his license was suspended for another two months. “All because a leechy police woman”. I didn't bother to ask any details regarding this incident.


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