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The rescuing operation

The rescuing operation - Mike Pippins

When I finally arrived home after more than twelve hours of driving, I was literally drained. I did not have any energy left within my body. I entered the house, dropped my bag near the door, removed my boots and headed towards the couch where I crashed until the following day. 

I can not tell for sure if I passed out or simply fell asleep. In any case, I was gone. I did not hear any of the twenty missed phone calls I got from Carly, nor the doorbell ringing. Because of it, everyone in my family panicked. They all thought I did not make it home, that something must have happened to me on my way back from NY. They had called me, texted me, sent some friends to my house to check on me. No one was able to come up with an answer regarding my whereabouts. 

That’s because I was supposed to notice them that I had arrived home safely. Since I was too exhausted to do anything else, and I had crashed as soon as I got home, I had not called them as promise. Seeing that time passed and they did not hear from me, they got worried. They even imagined I had an accident on the road and I might had ended up in a hospital, or got stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in the freezing cold. 

I can’t blame them for worrying. I do appreciate their concern, though I have to admit that I found their assumptions worthy of a Pulitzer. My Carly, her parents, two of my friends, my cousin, his girlfriend and her daughter, all of them have been awake the entire night, trying to get in touch with me or at least find my whereabouts, if I was still alive or not.

Once I woke up and I looked at my phone I saw all the missed calls. I called back and I was surprised to hear people cheering in the background while Carly was telling me she was happy I was ok. She had not mention to what extent they got worried seeing that I did not call. 

How do I know this? Because when I got to the truck rental Mississauga, I met with my cousin. I had talked with him on the phone briefly in the morning before going to work. He explained to me that my absence had stirred quite a rescuing action.


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