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The new neighbourhood

The new neighbourhood - Mike Pippins

When I moved into this house, I did not know my neighbours. When I bought it, I never gave any thoughts to my neighbours. It was in the middle of the winter, and I did not see anyone outside. Even later on, during spring time, I barely saw any of them.

Since my work started at 6AM, I had to leave the house around 4:40AM or 5AM the latest. At that hour, nobody was out. Everyone was either still asleep or just waking up. Plus, in the evenings, I was not spending time outside on the patio, or going out for walks.

Normally, I would come home, rest for about an hour, and then start preparing my dinner and the lunch for the following day. I would dine in front of TV, watch a movie on Netflix and go to bed early. During the week-ends, I was out of the house by 7:30AM because I was staying at my mother’s house with my two daughters.

My ex-wife and I agreed that I would keep the girls on Saturdays on Sundays, which is fine with me. I chose to stay at my mom’s because her house was already baby-proofed. Also because she lived only two blocks away from my ex-wife’s place. That made it really easy, whenever the girls forgot something at home. Plus I don’t have to worry about dealing with meals or anything like that. 

Whenever I am there, all I have to do is enjoy time with my two adorable little angels. I am very grateful for my mom’s help in this entire story. Without her, things would have been a bit more difficult. Not impossible, but more challenging.

Last Tuesday, during the evening, someone knocked at my door. I was not expecting anyone, thus I did not bother to leave the bed right away. I was extremely tired. My plan was to ignore whoever that was, and fall asleep. Five minutes later, the person knocking on my door was still there.

Only then I decided to go down and see what was burning. Apparently it was one of my neighbours. He was actually living on the following street, right behind my house. According to him, we shared the back fence. He had come to see if I was interested in fixing it this spring. He had someone who’s own a place of Garden shelters longueuil and who made him a good price. He seemed like a nice guy. I told him that I’m willing to meet is friend. He shook my hand and gave me his business card, saying to give him a call the following day.


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