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The new detour

This morning I decided to take another route towards my workplace. Usually I walk on Wellington street and I keep it straight until I reach Lasalle boulevard, where I turn right. I always enjoyed walking on Wellington Promenade, especially in the morning when there are only a few people. Later on during the day, it tends to be a bit crowded, but it’s way better than walking downtown. This area reminds me of the Masson street and its small promenade. 

Years back I used to work for a company that had its headquarters downtown, on De La Gauchetière, in the former Windsor Station. During summer I was walking from Atwater to work and back home. In the morning it was so nice to stroll along the empty streets. Though I could not say the same thing about the lunch hour or after five. The streets were filled with people. The parks were overcrowded. I hated being in a crowd, having someone bump into me, or having to wait couple of minutes to cross a road. 

My new route included a small detour, as I went down on my street, all the way to the J. Albert Gariépy park. It was a bit longer, but far more lovely. I loved seeing everything green and being close to the river. The view over the Nuns’ Island was beautiful. 

I guess I was not the only one who had the great idea to go through the park. A few people were jogging on their way to work, while others were cycling on the bicycle path. Since I have moved here three months back, I have been only twice to this amazing park. 

While I was sipping my coffee, I noted that there are a few playground areas for kids as well, including water sprinklers. Just by looking at them, I was able to imagine the fun my son would have there in the summer. I am looking forward the hot summer days when I could take him to this park and let him play with the sprinklers or run barefoot on the grass.

It took me seven minutes more than usual to reach my office, which wasn’t that bad. The detour I was mentioning earlier, was a fantastic idea. I think that from now on, that’s what I am going to do each morning.

When I sat down on my chair in front of the computer, trying to read the emails from two of my clients inquiring about Optimizer, I felt something was bothering me. I had sand in my shoes! I giggled and remembered that I walked through the sandpit same as my son.



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