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The Neighbours Are Finally Getting the Drive Done

The Neighbours Are Finally Getting the Drive Done - Mike Pippins

I have to admit that I am something of a finicky neighbour. I do everything I can to ensure that my house looks neat and tidy at all times, from the spotless kitchen right through to the perfect Alberta asphalt driveway. It’s something that has probably led to me being more than a little bit critical over the years, against my wife’s better judgment, and it has even led to the odd falling out with neighbours who don’t exactly share my view.

Understandably, where they are coming from is fair. After all it isn’t my right to expect everybody to live their lives the way I believe they ought to and I certainly shouldn’t dictate, no matter how much I think their driveway could use that loving Alberta asphalt touch. I think most of the neighbours have kind of gotten used to me now and, in all fairness, the majority tend to just laugh me off or ignore me completely. I suppose it’s deserved but, at the same time, I do wish some of them would put in a little bit more effort.

For nobody is this more true than the neighbour directly across the street. Granted the family only moved in a short while ago and they inherited a front garden that the previous inhabitants has allowed to overgrow a little bit wild, but that little voice in the back of my head still couldn’t stop me from mentioning it when we went over to greet them and welcome them to the neighbourhood. My wife glared at me while the new neighbour just mumbled something about how he intended to get to work on it.

To be honest I thought I had made another enemy and was all set to go and smooth things over when the neighbours came around the next day to ask if I could give them the number of the guys who worked on our driveway. I love a good Alberta asphalt driveway so I was more than happy to provide the number.

It’s been a couple of months since and it seems that work is finally underway cleaning up the mess that had been left behind previously. I simply can’t wait to see that new Alberta asphalt driveway. With any luck a few more people may even end up following my neighbour’s lead.


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