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Moving day arrived!

Moving day arrived! - Mike Pippins

Yesterday I promised my kids that I would take them during the week-end at the CN Tower in order to see the Great Toronto area. Since they were young, I have been taking them each single year and they always loved it. All kids do. Grown ups love it as much as the kids, I think. It has something magic.

The only problem is that during this week-end we must pick-up our new piano. So a moving company will be here at 9.00 A.M. It’s going to be a tough day, long and tiring for everyone, especially for the little ones.

This week-end is the only one that their schedules are allowing them to hang out with us. Unfortunately time is not on our side. Otherwise we all run from one game to another, from one practice to the next, from the pool to another extracurricular activity. I think we have enrolled in too many things this year. There is very little or close to no time left for them to go out. When the practice is done, they fall asleep in the car before we reach home. 

To be honest, I rather have them tired and healthy, than wondering on the streets or spending time with (toxic) friends, developing unhealthy habits. I think that sports are very good at teaching kids how to be responsible, organized and forge good friendships. 

When I realized that I could not take them this weekend, I called my mother and asked her if she could go with them. She was more than happy to take them there when she leaves the Group fitness Center Mississauga . I told her that I was going to pay for the tickets and their dinner. She started to laugh and and said that grandmas were allowed to spoil their grandchildren, so there was no need for me to pay. 

She actually volunteered to keep them the entire week-end so that we can move faster. I accepted her gracious offer without consulting with my wife. Not that she would have had something to say against!  They always got along well.

It was great because this way we would be able to have at least the kitchen and their bedroom fixed by the time they will arrive on Sunday evening. It would definitely be much easier and smoother for us to deal with the movers and do some of the last moment packing. We won’t have to worry about feeding them, keeping them busy or out of movers’ way.


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