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The missing file

The missing file - Mike Pippins

I spent the entire morning looking for a company who’s doing mold removal Terrebonne, cause my brother had forgot a file at my place a few days back. I looked for it everywhere. I was not able to find it. I know he mentioned that he had left it on my kitchen counter, but I never saw it. My wife said she remembered seeing it there. Though she was not sure what happened with it after that. 

That evening we had a lot of guests. The whole house was full. It’s hard to know who went where or what they did. It could have been one of the kids placing it somewhere else. No clue.

As far as I’m concerned he should have placed it on  my desk as I had instructed him on my way out. Before he left the party, I went to get more drinks, as we were low on beer. I did not expect to finish ten packs within two hours. 

Anyway, point is that I couldn’t find that damn file. To be honest, I am not even sure if he had actually left it there. Maybe he took it with him on his way back home. Maybe he left it in his card or misplaced it somewhere else, out of my house. How should I know?

I hate it when people are acting irresponsible with important documents and they try to get away with it, blaming others for their own mistakes. Not to mention that I get annoyed being accused of something I have not done. I know my limitations. I am quite aware of them.

Later on during the afternoon, I went to my daughter’s bedroom to wake her up from her nap. She had a ballet class, otherwise I would have let her sleep more. While I was seated on the side of her bed, trying to wake her up gently, I noted her school backpack was right next to her bed. I pushed it a bit with my leg in order to stay in a more comfortable position. It moved and opened more. Inside her backpack, among the school books, I saw there was something yellow. A file. Something made me check it out. I doubted that could have been the missing file. I checked it just to make sure. When I pulled it out of her bag, I was surprised to see it was exactly what I have been looking for. The file my brother  had been driving me crazy about! 

How it ended up in my daughter’s school bag? Once she was awake she confessed that she liked the bright lemon color and she took it. She had drawn some doodles on some of the documents inside.


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