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A look into the past

A look into the past - Mike Pippins

A few years back, my good old friend, and former business partner invited me to join him on a new venture: selling mini cnc cutting machines. When he proposed me this venture, I had no idea what he was talking about. Until that moment I never had heard of CNC. I asked what it stood for. He said it meant computer numerical control, and that represented the future.

He went on saying that in the following years, most of the jobs would become automatized and it was a great opportunity. He had already established the contacts with two manufacturers. I remembered he showed me a short movie on the plasma cutting, stating that I would get back my money in less than six months.

At that time, I was divorcing my wife, and because we did not separate in good terms, her lawyer managed to convince a judge to freeze all my assets. Splitting finances during the divorce was not a pleasant thing.

Because of the freeze on my assets, I was not able to help my friend, even if I wanted it. If I would have done it, I would have a great return on investment. His business turned out to be very successful. Within the first year, he sold more than he ever dreamed of.

When we accidentally met in a restaurant downtown, he did remind me that he had mention that one day,  I would regret not part entering up with him once more. I admitted he was right. I did regret it. But there was nothing I could have done at that time. My hands were tied up. To be honest, only two years after the divorce I was back on my feet, financially speaking.

Later on, when I thought about it, I was actually happy I didn't partnered up with Samuel. Yes, I would have made more money, but that meant more money that my wife would have been entitled to ask for. I didn't want to give her one cent extra. She got enough from me. The most annoying part was that she was playing the victim’s role, when all my friends knew that she was the cheater, not me.

Today, I saw a documentary on Discovery channel on the CNC laser, and it made me think of the past. It brought back some of the mixed feelings I had while I was going through that period of time.


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