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Getting Out On The Track

Getting Out On The Track - Mike Pippins

It is such a rush. For my birthday, my girlfriend picked up one of those red letter day gift card things that guaranteed me three laps of the local track in a sports car. As soon as I opened it I knew that I was going to be burning up the asphalt like nobody's business. Best birthday present ever!

We booked the date and I had to wait two whole months before I could finally head down to the track. I was buzzing, let me tell you. I think my girlfriend had to warn me more than once to slow the car down else I'd end up pulled over on the asphalt before I even got the chance to get to the track. I couldn't help myself though. The more I drove the more my foot really wanted to put the pedal to the metal and I ended up having to be reined in more than a couple of times to make sure we actually got there.

Once we got there the wait was an absolute killer. I had to stand around for more than two hours watching person after person get their turn before I did. I know these things have to be strictly organised to make sure that everybody gets what they paid for, but I can't quite describe the torture of sitting around watching that beautiful car go round and round on the asphalt without me in it.

Still, with every lap that went past I knew that my own turn were drawing closer. The anticipation was immense and I couldn't stop myself from starting to feel a little bit nervous. I think my girlfriend caught on to the fact that my hands were shaking a little bit and she just held on nicely and softly to calm me down. She never said a word. She's good like that.

Finally it was my time to get behind the wheel. I swear I have never been in anything that moves so fast. As soon as I pressed the pedal down the car was off like a shot and for the first lap I was struggling to keep control on the asphalt Edmonton. I quickly got into the swing of things though and the car instructor gave me advice along the way. It was an amazing experience and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody who enjoys a good drive.


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