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The farewell party

One of my good friends and classmates decided to move from Quebec to New York, in order to pursue his dreams. He’s an multi-talented artist. He’s a painter, sculpteur and a music lover. He plays the piano and the guitar. 

He got a scholarship at the New York Academy of Art. I am so happy for him. We all are, and by all I mean all of our friends. We all know how much he struggled to get here. Being an artist doesn’t equal a steady pay cheque. 

When he told us that he got accepted in the Fine Arts program, we decided to throw him a farewell party. We even got him a gift: we agreed to pay his moving expenses. Once he decided to pursue his dreams, he had to break his lease and put most of his belongings, either in storage or his parents house. 

Some of the smaller items, went to their house, but most of his artworks had to be put in storage. Moving his piano was the most challenging and costly thing. We had to hire a company specialized in piano moving quebec and have them transport it safely to the storage. 

He did not wish to sell his piano, and his parents had no place where to put it in their small bungalow. 

Once his house was completely empty, we had the farewell party in there. It was not a surprise party, as we initially planned. We invited all of his friends and close ones. We asked him to feel free of telling other people about the party. We wanted him to have all of those he cared about together for one evening, to celebrate with him. 

We were prepared to have around thirty people at the party. We ended up having almost fifty. I actually had to go and buy more liquor. Luckily the stores were still open at that time and I was able to bring it until the guests got their cups empty.

Most of the guests were surprised to see that the piano was gone, as they were used to him entertain them by playing the piano. We explained them how challenging it was to have it move without getting it damaged. 

At the end of the party, as the guests were leaving one by one, I noted that my friend looked a bit sad. He confessed that he was going to miss us. I started to laugh and gave him a hug saying, he was always welcome to come back, as long as this was what he really wanted.


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