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Checking the air quality can help to make life outdoors more enjoyable

Checking the air quality can help to make life outdoors more enjoyable - Mike Pippins

We moved to Montreal, because we really wanted a great place to raise our kids. Montreal is an absolutely beautiful city. The quality of life is absolutely spectacular, and it is a great place to raise children. This was one of the primary reasons that we moved to this beautiful city.

Our youngest child was having a lot of issues with asthma and other respiratory problems, and we wanted to ensure we were in a climate and environment where he would be able to do a lot better. We not only wanted him to have a great education, and a great place to play hockey, but we also wanted to be in a place where he could have improved health. After looking at some companies for air quality testing Montreal, we found that this was probably the ideal place for him to be. We were right.

Our son had struggled in other areas of the country, which had a lot to do with pollution and other issues related to the air-quality. We actually had looked at quite a few cities to see where was the ideal place for us to find a much healthier environment for him. We needed to ensure the optimal location for his health.

This included looking at air quality testing in Montreal, air-quality testing in Toronto, air-quality testing in Vancouver, and air-quality testing in Manitoba. After looking over these reports we found that this was the ideal location for my wife and I to be able to find really great jobs while still being able to look out after his health.

Very important to us was his ability to still be outside. There are lots of places where during the spring and fall pollen and dust will become a much more significant problem, and we wanted to live in a place where the air quality was good enough and the seasons were not to extreme that these kinds of things would be an issue. We were very pleased with our choice.

Five years later our son is doing quite well now. He is enjoying his time outside, especially in the winter when he can play hockey, and is doing so much better now. It was a tough decision to move and start our lives over, but it was well worth it and were sure glad we did it now.


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