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Brotherly love

Brotherly love - Mike Pippins

My brother and I, we didn't really get along all of our lives. As far as I remember, we were always fighting when we were kids. We fought in our teenage years and we fought later on. We fought like idiots for silly things. We did it to the point where we forgot why everything had started.

When we got older, our egos, pride and other foolish reasons prevented us from seeing things eye to eye. 

Nowadays I’d rather freeze my butt off working outside a whole day during winter than asking for his help. That's where I stand in our brotherly relationship. I am a tolerant man, but my patience has limits though. He always manages to push my buttons. To be honest, I know what gets his annoyed or mad, but I gave up on using this info on my advantage. It was pointless. One morning I woke up with a clear mind and I realized that all these fights were draining me of energy.

Throughout the years I learnt to distance myself from him and his family. I have nothing against them, it’s just I go it caught in between couple of time, and I was the one who took the heat, when all I wanted to do was help.

Thus, I decided not to go see my parents when he was around, or not getting involved in any business or venture with him. I didn't want another headache.

This Monday, after six months of total silence, he called me. I was surprised to hear him. I let him say what he had to say before I opened my mouth. Apparently he was looking for someone doing blacktop paving Edmonton, and he knew I had some connections among the constructors.

Knowing the way he behaves, I reluctantly forwarded him some phone numbers, hoping he would not burn another bridge for me. It happened before that I recommended him to some of my contacts and they never got back to me again. Later on, I found out accidentally, that it was due to my brother’s misbehaviour.

When I tried to have a conversation with my brother on this topic, he tried to pick a fight with me. Obviously, he didn’t see anything wrong on his end! Since I didn't want to get sucked up again in this black vortex, I gave up and stirred the conversation in a different direction.


The author:


I am a university student and, no big surprise, I love the internet. I take great pleasure in covering a wide range of subjects that I like to give a personal touch to. They say I am stubborn, motivated and talkative: so I’ve got everything it takes to be a good blogger and a good member of the Twitter community. So come read me, I don’t get out much!